The Online Complaints Book was created within the scope of the “SIMPLEX + 2016” program, as a measure of administrative simplification, and involves the General Directorate of Consumers and the regulatory bodies of the different sectors.


It is a platform on which it is possible to submit a complaint, as it could present in the Complaints Book in physical format, or to request information on essential public services.

Thus, consumers can now exercise their right to submit a complaint electronically, and can expect a response to their complaint within a maximum period of 15 working days, just as if they were doing so in the physical format of the complaints book.

You also have the possibility to put doubts / questions to the regulatory authority of the sector in question, for example in relation to deadlines, prescriptions, or applicable legislation, which you can use to better justify your complaint.


To file a complaint or complaint in the Online Complaints Book, you must have an email address. Start by accessing the home page of the Electronic Complaints Book (click on the following image) and selecting the option “Make a Complaint”.